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NWW Weekly Connection

April 7, 2024
Remembering Jeanette Monterio:
Friend, Artist, Lightworker, New World Women Founding Mother

It is with sad, yet grateful hearts we share the news of the transition (passing from this life to the next) of New World Women Founding Mother, Jeanette Monterio. We are sad she is no longer with us as we knew her, and yet grateful, because her presence in our lives and on this earth is and will always be a gift.

Jeanette was a lifelong seeker of higher truths and enlightened consciousness, which led her to the mountain tops of Peru, temples in India and into the caves of her deepest self.

She did what is called her “inner work” or sometimes “work”—meaning she remained diligent in healing past pain and trauma so that she could be the greatest version of herself and the highest expression of the Divine.

Jeanette was a living example of striving for and ultimately reaching a state of pure love and shared joy.

Dawn met Jeanette in 2001 when Jeanette came to a Unity church (where Dawn worked) in Minnesota as an Interim Minister. Within minutes of meeting, they became instant friends, sensing they’d known each other in a previous life (or maybe a few of them!). Their friendship grew and after Jeanette left Minnesota for her next assignment, they stayed in close contact and over the years traveled to many destinations that supported both of their passions to attain higher consciousness and to appreciate the beauty of this world. They always made time to watch a sunset wherever they traveled and did so just a little more than a week before Jeanette left this world for her next adventure.

In 2020, when Dawn was sharing her joy co-creating New World Women with Mecca and Shawn, Jeanette said, “I don’t understand exactly how it works, but if you three are creating it—I’m IN!”

Jeanette became one of New World Women's first Founding Mothers and supported us in many ways
during the past few years as we expanded our beautiful community and readied for launch.

Jeanette’s art remains a gift to us all. She used found materials and a myriad of media to create art that was not only beautiful to the eye, but was imbued with meaning and an invitation to go deeper within. Jeanette’s art was featured in galleries in Napa Valley, California and beyond.

There is so much more to say about this amazing woman, yet we will leave you with this: knowing her earthly life was coming to a close, Jeanette told Dawn to take her New World Women membership, which she’d paid for and never got to use (because we haven’t launched yet), and turn it into a scholarship for a woman of color, who would like to be a part of NWW. She felt very strongly that there needs to be a leveling of the playing field and it could start by being actively anti-racist and allies to one another.

Jeanette was very proud of and inspired by the creation of New World Women and brought many women into our loving sisterhood. 

Our dear sister believed that our world could always be a better version of itself—and that’s how she lived her life and inspires us to do the same.

With gratitude and love for our Jeanette.

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