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NWW Weekly Connection

April 28, 2024
Riding a Wave of Love into the Future

What do you imagine as our future, as a world, as a species? That's a pretty heady question, isn't it! Yet, if you're reading this right now, it may be for a reason.

What if we were to live into our future intentionally moment by moment, from a place deep within us born out of love, connection, tranquility, joy, abundance and creativity? What world might that create?

And how about this? If we choose to live in the present with presence, surely peace is ours--and each present moment lived as sweetly as we can, creates a future we'd like to live in and bring to future generations!

Three and a half years ago, when the three of us asked ourselves what the future could be and how we could be of service to birth a new world, the answer was clear: support women because women will transform our world in loving ways.

The gestation period is over. Today, we celebrate the birth of an idea that became a spiritual vision that became a reality. Together, let's ride a wave of love into the future!

A star in the sky shines brightly
The time has finally come
The new world we all have imagined
Emerges as we live as One

One heart, one vision, one remembering
Of who we are at our core
Is birthed from inside hearts of women
Who have long held open the door

Come forth new world, we await your love
Infusing all that's living
Connected to our wise Mother Earth
We live from joy through our giving

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