Third Thursday Transition

NWW Third Thursday is a live, 60-minute, free Zoom
call on the third Thursday of each month which will transition to
Birds of a Feather Together Calls beginning January 2023.

Join NWW Co-Founders, Dawn Morningstar, Shawn Vougeot and Mecca Page for 
inspiration/meditation, progress reports, Q&A, connection and an
interview with a guest speaker, usually a NWW Luminary or First Founder.

Join us for our last
NWW Third Thursday

December 15th

5:30 pm Pacific | 6:30 pm Mountain
7:30 pm Central | 8:30 pm Eastern

Rekindle What's Divine In You

What if you could move through the seasons of your life with a powerful sense of connection, vibrancy and being held by something so much more vast than you?


Join us in a beautiful dance with surrender, connection, joy, and playfulness in a way that supports you in holding your own light in the dark.


Come listen with your heart's ears and welcome your soul deeper into the conversation.

Shannon Crossman_edited.jpg
Shannon Crossman
Author and Poet
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One lucky woman on the call will win a signed copy of Shannon's book!

In this meeting, you will:

1.  Experience the sacred through modern, mystic poetry.

2. Create a space to pause and invite a fuller sense of connection to Your-Self, Source & Others.


3. Learn a surrender practice to help you let go into the bigger system of support around you.

Shannon Crossman
Author and Poet

Shannon Crossman is the author of Infinite Sea of Stars: Poetry to open your heart and wake the Inner Divine. She lives in Redding, CA with her partner and two feline misfits. By day, she works as a COO at a small Berkeley-based company that teaches people how to fully accept themselves and everything they feel. In her free time, she moonlights as a poet, putting her Master's in transpersonal psychology and over 20 years of meditation practice to good use.


Her writing, which explores themes of belonging, resilience, and wonder, is available in two anthologies, Goddess When She Rules and Hidden Lights, as well as online. Her fervent hope is that her work provides a subtle light in the darkness and ignites a spark of wonder amidst the hard edges of what it means to be human. If you ask her, there’s nothing more exciting than a blank page or an unexplored path.

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