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New World Women Academy Subscribers will receive:

  • Daily Inspiration

  • Group Coaching in the Six WEALTH Ways

  • Early delivery of New World Women Monthly Virtual Magazine

  • Discounts on select offerings and products

  • Quarterly profit sharing

  • Monthly referral payments 

When New World Women fully launches

(anticipated date Spring 2022),

women will be able to subscribe as an individual at $35/month

or as a woman-owned business at $45/month

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First Founders receive extra benefits for helping bring this vision into reality!

First Founders Circle 

First Founders are the first 200 women who share the vision of New World Women and make it possible to launch!

First Founders Receive:

  • First Founders Bonus Points 

  • Founders Points

  • 5-Star Subscribership 

  • Special recognition, offerings and events

  • Travel Voucher Program (Gold, Platinum, Palladium Levels)

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