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  • Are you really getting the most from using your pendulum?

  • If you've never used a pendulum, are you pendulum-curious?

  • Would you like to use The Emotion Code with your pendulum?


In this Advanced Pendulum Wisdom Teaching, pendulum experts Lana Gendlin and Karina Muller will teach you how to use your pendulum to:

  1.  Clear & Activate Energy
  2.  Optimize Relationships
  3.  Work with The Emotion Code


More than $85 in BONUSES!

  • Introduction to Pendulum Use Course ($20 Value)
  • 15-Minute Discovery Call ($50 Value)
  • 15% Discount on HeartCentric DC Pendulums (Retail $88-$333)
  • Positive Affirmations Pendulum Exercise Guide Downloadable PDF ($15 Value) 

Advanced Pendulum Course

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