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Your Life, Regret Free

By Deb Mechley, Life Coach and Author

Over the years I have come to the realization that those who act on their desires are the ones that get results and that most people just don't take action to achieve what they want in life.

Too many people know they need to do something to improve their lives in some way, but never actually take the steps necessary to make that change. 

They may know what they want but they don’t know how to get it. Perhaps, they’re just not sure where to begin.I was reflecting on what helps me to succeed in running my own coaching practice, Time To Renew Coaching.

I meet people all the time that are more creative and smarter than I am - that’s for sure. I love and learn from them and that always pays off.

One trait I have that’s always been beneficial to me and has contributed to my success over the years, is that I’m willing to try new things and I am willing to fail a few times before I realize success.

This willingness to try new things has had a huge impact in my own personal development. 

I’ve worked as a clinical professional, a real-estate entrepreneur, a trainer for an international company and a coach for nearly three decades.

Heck, I even tried marriage – twice. And am still happily married at this point in my life. 

I spent several years working as a Spiritual Care Advisor at Hospice and participated in helping over 1000 people transition.

Repeatedly seeing the regrets at the end of life from people who wished they had done that one thing (or things) was most life-changing for me. You know what I’m talking about -- that nudge that seems to revisit and persist in your life.

Life is not a rehearsal. Being, doing and having the life you envision in your mind, well, that’s what living is about!

The world is waiting for

you and me

I believe it’s critical to live our best life now, more than ever before because the world needs us.  I believe that we are in a time that calls upon us all to wake up and deliver our roses - our gifts and talents to the world  right now!

I also believe we must live better so at the end of this life, we leave with few, if any regrets. Trust me when I say it’s the only way to go.

This realization has up leveled me in all areas of my own living. I guess you could say our lives literally depend on our creating movement with this wisdom.  In fact, these experiences inspired me to write  my book Regret Free Living-Living and dying fully.

So, my challenge for you is to find one thing you have been wanting to do in your life or business and take a solid focused feeling action on it--I call this a ‘focused feeling’ because our feelings are the language of our soul, nudging us, asking for our attention.

Use this focused feeling to create a Regret-Free Checklist. And in case you’re wondering what the difference is between a Bucket List and a Regret-Free Checklist, I explain it this way:

A Bucket List is more like a “to do” list with items that need tending to in order to make you feel accomplished. Most people think of a Bucket List as places to go, things to see and experiences to have that we can boast about.

And if we don’t  get to all the items on our Bucket List, we may become discouraged or resentful – feeling cheated on life. 

The Regret-Free Checklist  on the other hand, offers experiences that free us so that we are not using our energy focusing on regrets at the end of our lives.

The items on our Regret-Free Checklist may be things like taking better care of ourselves, having closure with people by addressing  things left unsaid or living true to our beliefs. No matter what our items may be, let them be the catalyst for meeting our desires and showing up for ourselves in a new way—regret free.

So, whether it’s finishing that book you’ve been meaning to read or write, starting to eat healthier, moving your body more or moving forward with that business idea you were considering —go for it! 

I am sure you will see positive changes by taking some feeling focused action today. Remember, your feelings are the language of your soul.

Your feelings are your energy, and your energy must move. No more feeling stuck. Listen to nudges of your soul. Make your move now and experience your life free of regret. One regret at a time.

Contributed by Deb Mechley,  author, coach and founder of Time to Renew Coaching and Healthcare Renew.

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