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You Want To Feel Magic?

One of New World Women's Founding Mothers, Nancy O'Brien, began sharing her work with us, which focuses on the practice of happiness--and we took notice.

And then when she sent us this poem, saying it reminded her of New World Women, the three of us knew that Nancy really gets us. This is us!

You want to feel Magic?

Then surround yourself with radically supportive women.

The kind who cheer for you like crazy, as if your wins are hers.

The kind who remind you that you’re worthy

on the days when you feel less than.

The kind who lay their truths on the table and

offer a safe space for you to share your own.

The kind who honor your tender heart,

speak life into your wild dreams, help elevate your voice,

and have your back at every turn.

That’s some real kind of Magic.

- Mehr Lee

Have a lovely week sharing your super powers of love and being blessed by the magic of other women in your life. Together, we are creating a new world!


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