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You OWN Peace

Have you noticed how the human mind can tend to make things much more complex than they really need to be at times?

A perfect example of this is how it seems hard to believe that an extremely simple idea could cause a huge shift in individual consciousness--and a shift toward true peace in the world. As we are finally realizing, world peace begins with individual inner peace.

As our gift to you, we are sharing a practice the three of us do more and more. This simple three-step technique is guaranteed to support you in living your life in peace. Give it a try and notice how your life transforms in small and big ways!

Observe what’s going on around you, consciously letting go of judgment or your opinion about it.

Witness what you are feeling inside--again, without judgment.

Nurture the state of peace you feel and experience the freedom that comes from observation and witnessing.

Carry this peace with you as a gift you give to yourself and to our world.

May you feel the simple, yet profound, joy of peace within--no matter what is going on around you.

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