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We Laughed, and Laughed, and Laughed!

At our Birds of a Feather Together Call last Thursday, we gathered on Zoom and experienced something we realized we really needed — a good laugh! Actually, we had more than one.

Looking at the faces on the Zoom screen, seeing

women from all parts of the globe laughing together,

was a delight. Why were we all laughing?

Because we chose to!

We were not laughing at anyone or anything, but rather laughing for the pure joy of it. One of our amazing New World Women Luminary teachers, Global Laugher Ambassador Sarah Routman, led us in the sweetest time of joyful laughter. (There was also chocolate involved for those who chose to have some.)

There may be many serious and difficult things going on — in our own lives or in the world — that we might feel it’s disrespectful to laugh, be happy or embrace joy.

Feeling joy or having a good laugh does not take away pain others may be experiencing, but it does help us to be healthier — mentally, physically and spiritually. Then we are more prepared to make a positive difference in our own lives and in the lives of others.

Please take a moment now to think of something funny and let out a belly laugh. Feel the lightness in your being and know that your joy, happiness and laughter energetically uplifts our world.

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