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The Power of Beautiful Words

The idea that words are powerful is not a new one to you, we’re sure! Words can teach, heal, anger, unite, soothe or inspire—just to name a few ways words impact our lives.

What if you had an experience that goes beyond words to lift you to the heavens (with feet grounded upon Mother Earth) and bring you closer to your relationship with yourself, your Divine and others?

Shannon Crossman is the author of Infinite Sea of Stars: Poetry to open your heart and wake the Inner Divine. She lives in Redding, CA with her partner and two feline misfits. By day, she works as a COO at a small Berkeley-based company that teaches people how to fully accept themselves and everything they feel. In her free time, she moonlights as a poet, putting her Master's in transpersonal psychology and over 20 years of meditation practice to good use.

Her writing, which explores themes of belonging, resilience, and wonder, is available in two anthologies, Goddess When She Rules and Hidden Lights, as well as online. Her fervent hope is that her work provides a subtle light in the darkness and ignites a spark of wonder amidst the hard edges of what it means to be human. If you ask her, there’s nothing more exciting than a blank page or an unexplored path.

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