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The Dawning of the Great Transformation?

By NWW Luminary Amy Theisen, Modern Metaphysical Master

In Chinese Metaphysics, there are period cycles of 20 years and in 2024, we are slated to jump to what is referred to as Period 9. This jump in energy is much like pressing the reset button on your computer after seeing glitches and slow downs or even a frozen screen.


The clock started ticking on the three years leading up to this period shift in December of 2020. This means we will see glitches, slow downs, upheaval and likely more civil unrest between now and 2024.


What is going to happen next? Change. This change isn’t just small potatoes, it signals BIG CHANGE

politically, spiritually and culturally. It can be thought of as the “Changing of the Guard.”

Will this happen overnight? Of course not. It will, however, happen over the next several years as we settle into a new pattern of energy influencing the world.

Since Period 8 represented “Young Men Creating Tech” there is a curiosity surrounding what Period 9 will bring.

Because the shift began in the “Rat” Palace of Chinese Astrology, we will we will see people’s eyes opened to the inflexible disparities existing within cultures and the personal responsibility to help where we can, however we can. It also means we will connect with the ability to heal ourselves and our communities from a history of trauma.

Sounds good so far.

Yet, Period 9 historically (this happens every 180 years), is an emotional, war-like energy. It supports spiritual growth but is also breeds unrest and the potential for governments to be overthrown.

Looking back historically, the last period 9 was 1844-1864 where both the Mexican-American War and the Civil War were in play. This time in history, we will also want to turn our focus on Cyber-war and take steps now to protect our online security.

Here is a snapshot of the Arising Trends as we head into the Great Transformation:


Rise of Women in power at all levels of business and government

Technological advances across all industries

Security can no longer be taken for granted, both personal security and online security

Flexibility in the workplace and the workforce will become essential

Spirituality will overtake organized religion as individuals reconnect with their personal connection to Source Energy

When we know there is a shift coming, it is no longer a surprise but rather invites us to look at how we can shift to embrace the new landscape that is forming right before our eyes.

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