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The Beauty Trifecta

During one of our many lovely conversations working on New World Women’s Weekly Connection and our NWW software, we landed on the question “what is beauty?”

A favorite song or poem, a bouquet of lilacs, the scent of an orange, the moon when it’s full, a candle flickering in a dark room or the eyes of a loved one may feel beautiful to us. We’re sure you have your own ideas of what beauty is to you.

Are there rules that determine beauty such as a certain kind of harmony that appeals to the heart? Is beauty sense-related? An inner journey of imagination?

There are no set answers to these questions, yet beauty in whatever form, raises the vibrational energy of every situation. Of course, beauty is, as the saying goes, in the eye of the beholder!

Our invitation to you, one that we will be practicing with greater intentional awareness this week, is to experience beauty in all of its forms with gratitude and joy.

This coming week, let’s embrace the trifecta of higher vibrational energy in what we see or experience as beautiful, gratitude for it and the joy that results.

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