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Susan Cevette - Sharing Her Light

Have you ever wondered WHY you think about money the way you


Why your heart beats a little faster when you consider buying a

pair of shoes you don’t really “need?"

Or why your grocery bill causes

you to second guess your weekly food choices?

Where do these anxieties and concerns come from? And how can you alleviate these feelings?

Susan Cevette believes the answer lies in one word: trauma.

It was this belief that led Susan to build her company, WatersEdge Wealth Management, a women-owned and run business.

When she talks about developing personal connections, impacting

lives, creating personalized and individualized plans, it is more than

just words for her--those principles truly embody her work.

Susan, a spiritually awakened woman, builds from her clients’ core

values, inspiration and vision. When she partners with clients, Susan

creates a plan that reflects what’s most important in their lives.

Her expertise is founded on relationships--giving purpose to the

numbers in every financial and investment plan. For this reason,

meaningful connection is foundational to her practice.

Susan is passionate about her work because she knows at a deep

level that WatersEdge makes a difference in her clients’ lives every

single day.

With nearly two decades of experience and an MBA from the

University of Saint Thomas, Susan addresses her work with a tested and

flexible toolkit of professional knowledge.

Susan lives in Minneapolis, where she shares a love for the arts with

her adult children who inspire her daily.

One of New World Women’s key points of support for women is to

heal the feminine wound around money and power.

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