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Solitude and Community - Finding Balance

Many women tell us they enjoy their time alone--to think, to dream, to plan, to simply be. And that they don’t have enough of it.

Other women tell us they have too much time alone. How about you? Do you feel a desirable balance between your alone time and your time with others--others who get you?

One of the many aspects of creating NWW the three of us share is to create a safe, respectful, loving and supportive community of like-hearted women.

Some women are just beginning their self-discovery, higher consciousness or spiritual journey--and may not have anyone in their lives with whom they can share. NWW community is there for them.

Women who have been on “the journey,” as many lovingly call it, for many years or even lifetimes, have wisdom to share, hearts to nurture. NWW community is better because of them.

Then there are women who are somewhere in the middle. NWW community is there for all of them. We are here for you.

And for those of you, dear Sisters, who don’t yet have enough time of your own, NWW Academy Luminaries (experts, teachers, thought leaders) will show you ways to create sacred space for yourself.

In quiet moments of inner reflection and solitude, as well as sacred times in community, we are creating the new world.

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