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Sharing Her Light - Winnie Chin, Founder of Natan Universe and Best Selling Author

I am a mother of two adult children and two granddaughters (and God willing, more down the road).

Like many beautiful souls on earth, it’s my nature to help people and making a difference in people’s lives, even if seemingly small.

Born and raised in Malaysia, I have walked down a dark road filled with lack and limitations, failures, pain and frustrations. As though all that was not enough, life continues to throw a curve ball at me. When my 5 years old son was labeled Language Learning Disabled, I was put to test beyond anyone’s imagination. I felt burnt out, both physically and mentally. I focused even more in learning to help myself first before I could help my son. When my son Kevin graduated from college, I was so inspired by my son’s success that I was compelled to share his story. Hence, the fruition of “This Ability NOT Disability” Book. It is my fervent hope that our journey may inspire you, motivate you and empower you to believe, persist and be the best that you can be in life. Never, never, never give up!

I am a Work-In-Progress. My self-discovery journey took me to Tony Robbin’s “Unleashed the Power Within” (walking on hot burning coal) and his signature Mastery University. One leading to another, I’ve had the privilege to attend “Paradigm Shift Seminar” with Bob Proctor. I love being surrounded with positive and like-minded people, sharing our life visions. What I have experienced permanently shaped the standards I hold for myself.

Nothing in life is a coincidence.

My hunger for more lead me to Points of You® through a good friend of mine. It was love at first sight. Points of You®’s values resonated deeply with me. Points of You® a way of life and it becomes my way of life. Ever heard of the word “Calling”? This is the answer I have been looking for – a question I have been asking myself for a long time: How can I contribute to others while honoring my own needs?

I don’t have a colorful resume but I have a rainbow of true life experiences. I am authentic and I am vulnerable. I am here to love, to inspire and to share my experiences with everyday people who want to help themselves. No matter where you are in life today, find your passion, be an inspiration, and be the change you wish to see in this world. Always Be More, Do More, Have More, Give More, and Live your Life to the Fullest. That’s what I am about. That’s what Natan is about (Giving is Receiving).

On page 184 of “the 21-Day consciousness cleanse” by Debbie Ford quote: Whenever we do something good, we need to know that it’s only the beginning of the next good deed, because the person receiving the good deed is going to pass it on to a third person, and around and around it will go. We’re all connected. We’re all intertwined.

Lastly, I would like to borrow a quote from Anonymous “I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death”. Do you?

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