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Sharing Her Light - Tami Briggs

I am a therapeutic harpist and in 1999, founded Musical Reflections located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My mission is to provide products and services to enhance and support the healing journey—all offerings focus on relaxation, stress reduction, and deep peace.

A pioneer in the harp therapy field, I have a certification from the International Harp Therapy Program. I have played the harp at the bedside of hundreds of hospital and hospice patients. This beautiful work is about combining the unique vibrations and ethereal effects of the harp touching patients, caregivers, and healthcare staff.

As a national speaker, I educate audiences about using music for good health and in the healing process. My experiential programs are inspiring, motivating, and encouraging, but also deeply peaceful and relaxing—a much-needed “commodity” in our fast-paced world.

As a composer and recording artist, I have released 15 CDs for relaxation, comfort, healing and sleep. My music can be heard in the halls of the Mayo Clinic and from coast to coast—City of Hope in LA to Baptist Health System in Miami. It is also available to you on CDs or downloads on my website:

I have written two books: Women as Healers: Voices of Vibrancy and Grace Notes: Reflections on the Harp and Healing. My third book is currently “in the works” about manifesting intentions with angelic help.

In 2010, I became a BioMat Distributor. After laying on this mat for 20 minutes, I felt its powerful healing properties and knew I needed it for my own health, as well as wanting to share with others.

Prior to founding Musical Reflections, I co-founded Transnational Strategies, a cross-cultural training company. We helped business people on five continents increase their international business success by developing cross-cultural skills. I have lived and worked in Switzerland, and taught American culture in Kyoto, Japan. I am passionate about world peace and global harmony.

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