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Shannon Poppie: Sharing Her Light

Do you know your handwriting can transform your life? Every curve, angle and direction of the letters you write has meaning--and is a graphic representation of how you see yourself through the lens of your perception. Did you know that each letter holds a soul-based quality that lives in your personality--and is ignited when written with intention? By changing the way you write, you can indeed change your life!

Shannon Poppie has been an avid seeker of Universal Truths since she was shaken awake during a moment of total despair and surrender on her kitchen floor. In 2010 her oldest daughter got sick and through that illness--and more thankfully through that healing--her whole life changed.

In that kitchen-floor moment, Shannon experienced an undeniable Divine Presence that inspired her to dive headfirst into all things metaphysical. It led her to study the power we all have in the area of conscious choice making, The Law of Attraction, the practices of the Ho'oponopono and the sacred symbolism of the Vimala Alphabet.

After getting the blessing from Dr. Vimala Rodgers, the creator of the Vimala Alphabet, to share the sacred work of the alphabet, Shannon began teaching in 2016 and then published her guidebook “The Choice is Yours: Unleash Your True Potential with The Vimala Alphabet” in 2017.

Thousands of people all over the world have benefitted from this sacred, mindful practice--and have watched their lives transform. You can too!

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