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Ready for an Energy Boost in a Surprising Way?

What if we told you that you could feel energized by actually expending some energy? It’s true.

When you procrastinate doing something, putting if off, thinking “I’ll do it later,” you actually deplete your energy. Why is this?

Uncompleted tasks of any size run in the background of our minds and leak out precious energy--whether or not we are conscious of them lurking there. The thoughts are like little scary monsters hiding in the basement of a silly horror movie!

Here’s a simple plan to increase your energy (and perhaps your sense of self-worth):

  • For the next week, examine how many times you tell yourself, “I’ll do this later” in response to a simple task that needs to be completed.

  • When you utter those words, or think them, take a conscious breath and simply do the task right then and there.

  • Celebrate that the task is complete by smiling and giving yourself an energetic high-five.

  • Notice how your energy increases throughout the week!

Tips like these along with sacred teachings and inspirations will be available to you in New World Women Magazine starting in March.

This free virtual magazine will make you want to put your feet up, learn new things and stay inspired--with articles, videos and audio from New World Women Luminaries (women teachers, thought leaders and experts).

Because New World Women pay attention to and honor the cycles of Mother Earth and nature, NWW Magazine will be delivered to your inbox each quarter of the year--around the times of the Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice.

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