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Queen Elizabeth II: Sharing Her Light

Though there is much to be said about the existence of a monarchy in this day and age, and especially one that’s history is less than stellar, let us turn our attention to Queen Elizabeth II herself.

At the age of just 25 years old, she made a promise to her people that she would uphold a duty assigned to her and did so fully, for 70 years!

With dignity and grace, Queen Elizabeth fulfilled her duties with honor, to the best of her ability, and was known to be mostly kind and always consistent throughout her reign.

Now a new king takes her place, her son, King Charles III. Will he let go of some of the control of countries which no longer care to be part of the Commonwealth? Will he usher in a new day? Will his actions create conditions for a new kind of royalty that honors the rights of all people by returning some the freedom and treasures that were, in some cases brutally, taken away? We will see.

Yet, at this moment, let us honor a woman who kept a promise and did her best. Though Queen Elizabeth II’s life was filled with extreme privilege and wealth, may we see something in ourselves, that as women, we do too: keep our promises, do our best and choose to be kind.

May a new world emerge.

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