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Over and Over and Over Again

A funny conversation took place among four women in a movie theater bathroom. Three of them, who are friends, were enthusiastically discussing their love for “Outlander,” a historical drama television series based on the Outlander novel series by Diana Gabaldon.

While washing hands, the fourth woman showed interest in the Outlander

conversation. One of the friends asked her, “Do you watch Outlander, too?” With a lusty, wistful sigh, she answered (emphasizing each word dramatically), “Over and over and over again!”

With a knowing laugh, because of their shared love of the series’ excellent story telling, historical references, the very, very handsome lead actor and sexy love scenes, the women shared a moment of connection, laughter and knowing.

What if we expand use of the phrase “over and over and over again,” beyond juicy love scenes, to include a way to check in with our inner selves?

What do you do over and over and over again in your life? Taking a moment to contemplate your answer reawakens the idea that what repeats in your life becomes your life.

We invite you to consider the following to do over and over and over again:

  1. Love yourself in the sweetest ways you can conjure up.

  2. Forgive your mistakes and errors, and when possible, choose to laugh about them, feeling gratitude for your increased wisdom because of them.

  3. Replace your judgment of self and others with curiosity, compassion and kindness.

  4. Be bold in sharing your light and love.

  5. Delight in what brings you joy and expand your joy to others.

Yes, doing these things over and over and over again, along with other actions you add to this list, makes a difference for you, those you love and for our world.

Our world is in a delicate state right now, transforming every single day. An

essential part of this long-awaited transformation, and one that tips it in the

direction of more love, kindness, joy and abundance, is what each of us does over and over and over again.

We are creating our new world with each thought, word and action we choose. Let’s make love our habit—time and time again!

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