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New World Women Make Stone Soup

by Co-Founder, Dawn Morningstar

Over the past few weeks, I listened to a few of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes audiobooks.

She is best known for her book “Women Who Run with the Wolves.”

Her brilliant and beautiful teachings include many fables and fairy tales, which inspired me to think of one that describes how I see New World Women.

As inspiration, I used the stone soup tale as a metaphor for the power of shared contribution and collaboration.

In one version of the tale, some people were hoarding their food, fearful they would not have enough, while others were nearly starving.

Here is New World Women’s version of this story.

In a challenging time for a village, where there was little food and the villagers were starving, the women  came together with a plan to help those they love--and some they barely knew. They agreed each would bring what she had to create a meal for everyone.

One woman provided the pot and another the kindling wood for the fire. One brought herbs, another some carrots from her tiny garden, some brought potatoes and celery.

And one brought all she had – a simple stone.

Through their collaboration, the women fed their village and themselves, nourished their bodies and relationships, and strengthened their bonds.

Mecca, Shawn and I share a spiritual vision with an important mission to uplift and support women by giving them a sense of community and support, new teachings and perspectives, inspiration and a path to prosperity.

We did not have any financial support to manifest our dream, so we used our hearts, minds, creativity and hard work to think outside the current paradigm

and create a new paradigm of collaboration, understanding and intention to help women around the world.

We three brought our ingredients to the stew and are gathering women together who share the vision of women’s self-empowerment and economic sufficiency--and they each are bringing their ingredients to the shared stew too.

With enthusiasm and belief in our New World Women creation, they bring their beautiful and helpful teachings, their connections with other women and their financial resources.

Each of these women understands that because of their contributions (teachings, inspiration, healing, collaboration--and money) we are accomplishing something that has never been done before.

This is innovation, which is what a new world requires. 

I suppose when I think of the stone soup fable, Mecca, Shawn and I are the pot for the stew, the wood for the fire and many other ingredients, which we contribute every single day.

We do this gladly, knowing we are helping many women who are starving for ways to live better lives.

Our vision is driven by the knowledge that every one of our Luminary teachers, Founding Mothers and Subscribers will each partake in the stew of our collaborative creation--in sisterhood, healing, inspiration, wisdom and money – while creating a global community of like-hearted women who are changing the world.

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