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Nada Hogan - Sharing Her Light

Does it ever feel like your mind is a runaway train and you’re hanging on for dear life?

Experience how you can teach your mind in real time to follow your command! Does past trauma hold you hostage at times and you would rather be liberated to live a life you love?

See how when you’re triggered, you can break free, instantly tap into your deep core wisdom and be the amazing woman you really are!

Nada Hogan - Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Life Coach

After the devastating tragedy of losing her 18-year-old daughter, Darah, Nada thought her life was over too. But the opposite happened! Nada tapped into the truest part of herself she never knew existed. She discovered her own profound healing capacity that touched every dimension of her life, the resiliency of her shattered heart and a life propelling her to a greater purpose . . . an epic life from epic loss while carrying her daughter's legacy forward.

While healing her broken world and moving into divine alignment with the prosperity of healing, an abundance of love greater than she had ever felt in her heart, and the blessing of a wealthy new perspective on life, Nada discovered that true full-spectrum living comes from within . . . our innate ability to create our reality, even trauma, and live a life we love!

Nada now shares, teaches, and guides others in their pursuit to live a flourishing, audaciously succulent, and passionate life, transforming their epic loss into their epic life through coaching, seminars, workshops, and retreats, B.E.S.T. (bioenergetic synchronization treatments), acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

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