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Magic or Magick?

Have you sometimes seen the word “magick” written and wondered if it was a misspelling? Or are you one who absolutely knows the difference between the words “magic” and “magick”?

As a woman who loves to learn new things (we New World Women LOVE to explore new ways of seeing the world), we thought you’d enjoy learning about magick—and how it fits in so well with your desire for change!

Magic includes anything that relates to what we think of as stage magic—like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat or David Copperfield making a jet plane disappear.

The word “magick,” on the other hand, is defined as action or effort undertaken to cause personal transformation or external change.

“Magic” refers to illusion and “magick” refers to transformation.

So, what action or effort are you willing to take to cause inner or outer change in your life?

May magick transform your life in blessed ways!

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