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Loreena McKennitt: Sharing Her Light

Do you feel a renewed or continual spiritual awakening within yourself? Within others?

This is a unique time in the history of humanity, when what was once seen as weird, invaluable or in some cases, evil, is now being seen for what it really is: a Divine Feminine Awakening.

For many of us on the path of awakening, we’ve been inspired by ancient and new teachings, the power of meditation, sacred gatherings, essential oils, crystals--and music.

Inspired by Celtic and Middle Eastern influences, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer Loreena McKennitt writes, records and performs worldwide. Her music is otherworldly, yet grounded, and awakens something ancient within women. Her clear soprano voice is both gentle and powerful.

In Loreena McKennitt’s own words, “I found that music chose me rather than me, it. Interestingly, even after many years of performing, I don’t consider myself to have the strong extroverted personality best suited for a career in music, but rather one which is more comfortable on a farm, in an informal gathering of friends.”

She has been described as having “the voice of the Goddess.”

Loreena McKennitt is much like us--allowing a gift within her to emerge, which results in delighting and inspiring humanity in beautiful ways.

We thank Loreena McKennitt for sharing her light, her gifts, her heart, with each of us.

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