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How We Support One Another

Support is a beautiful word that describes feelings of love, care and

understanding--which is at the heart of what many of us long for and love to give!

Here are a few ways New World Women loves and supports our sisterhood now:

  • NWW Sunday Weekly Connection emails

  • Birds of a Feather Together Calls (monthly)

  • Kind and loving community

  • Support and caring

  • Connection with you personally by scheduling a one-on-one Zoom with Dawn Morningstar

As a New World Women member, here is what you can look forward to--coming soon!

  • The Daily Bird (beautiful daily one-minute visual, audio and inspirational messages via text or email)

  • More and deeper like-hearted sisterhood

  • Wisdom Teachings and Inspiration (New World Women LIVE sessions) from top women experts from around the world

  • A path to your greater prosperity and personal freedom

Since October of 2020, the three of us have collaborated, co-created and listened to the desires of women’s hearts in the creation of the emerging New World Women sisterhood.

Here is a sample of one of our Daily Birds

Here is a Doodly (animated cartoon explaining New World Women in a fun way):

Here is an overview of what we have created for you:

Here are just a few of the topics you can learn more about during New World Women LIVE sessions (replays will be available to you if attending live doesn’t work for your schedule):

1) Astrological Archetypes and Their Impact on Wellbeing--Exploring Symptoms as Messengers taught by Dr. Valorie Prahl

2) Your Handwriting is a Gateway to Your Soul: Unlock the Sacred Meaning and Life-Changing Power that Each Letter of our Roman Alphabet Holds taught by Shannon Poppie

3) Ancient Wisdom for the New World Woman taught by Rev Dr. Patricia Keel

4) There is No “Bad” You: Trusting Your Core Self to Get Unstuck taught by

Laura Lively

5) The Inner Guided Career: Your Sacred Happiness Formula taught by Gabriela Brunner

6) Re-Awaken Your Inner Priestess taught by Deb Kotz

7) Messages from Dream Visitors: Awaken to Your Joy taught by Dr. Patricia Angulo

There will also be sessions to enlighten you in the areas of Feng Shui, parenting, women’s entrepreneurship, Soul Collage, sacred sexuality, mysticism, conscious prosperity--and many other relevant topics that support women’s journeys.

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