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Finding Hidden Peace and Power Through Handwriting

by Shannon Poppie, Transformational Handwriting Coach

Did you know that changing your handwriting can transform your life?

I have been an avid seeker of Universal Truths since I was shaken awake during a moment of total despair and surrender on my kitchen floor.

In 2010 my oldest daughter got sick and through that illness-- and more thankfully through that healing! my whole life changed. 

Now I am a Transformational Handwriting Coach, thanks to

Vimala Rodgers, architect of the Vimala Alphabet™,  who has dedicated her life to teaching the benefits of healthy handwriting to students of all ages worldwide.

This handwriting practice transforms your life by connecting you with your authentic Self.

This sacred technology has NOTHING to do with handwriting analysis and was not created to improve penmanship – it was created to improve lives!

The Vimala Handwriting System incorporates positive, forward-thinking writing patterns.

Three ways you can transform your life by changing the way you write:

1.Increase your confidence and courage by changing your H’s

2.Improve balance and harmony in all areas of life by changing your S’s

3.Strengthen your sense of healthy self-love by changing your P’s

How we think is how we write and conversely, how we write is how we come to think.

Each time we press the pen to the paper to create a letter formation, connect letters, or shape a margin, we are declaring, ‘This is who I am.’ ~ Vimala Rodgers

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