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Change is in the Air - And it's FUN!

Mecca Page, Dawn Morningstar, Little Pica and Shawn Vougeot at

Queen's Landing on Ann Lake

At our Founders' retreat last weekend, the three of us were on fire with inspiration and joy! We chose that weekend because October 16th is the two-year anniversary of the very first meeting we had to begin co-creation of what is now New World Women!

We stayed at a beautiful cabin in northern Minnesota, overlooking Ann Lake and magnificent Fall foliage. When we took a gentle 2.5 mile hike with Dawn’s little dog Pica, we were immersed in the beauty of nature—rolling hills, crunchy leaves underfoot, crisp air—and yes, more falling leaves!

Back at the cabin, we set up the flip chart and began an inspired time devoted to NWW’s next steps. Pica slept for most of the remaining time there—exhausted from her little legs trying to keep up with us on the hike!

We focused on NWW’s story and the feelings that run deep for the women who are inspired by the vision of NWW.

Listening to many of your thoughts and ideas along with the Spiritual Vision we hold for NWW, here’s some of what we were inspired to do for our beautiful Sisterhood going forward:

• We want NWW to feel inclusive, light yet profound, fun, sweet, connecting, joyful and hopeful.

• Birdie, our beautiful NWW symbol, will play a larger starring role!

• When we launch and NWW is live, our daily quick inspirations will be called “The Daily Bird!”

• To make our monthly gatherings more connecting among the women who attend, Third Thursdays will become “Birds of a Feather Together Calls.” (There will be a Luminary teaching and lots of time for you to share what’s in your heart!)

• We wrote the script and the visual story board for a Doodly (a cartoon-like super short video that explains NWW in a fun way).

• We started the outline for an NWW book that we will complete after we launch. You will LOVE it!!!

• The Sunday Weekly Connection (Sharing Her Light series) will be transformed so it highlights upcoming teachings and inspirations for the week ahead.

• And lots more surprises that will delight you!

Of course, it was not all work and no play for us! We ate magnificent food (thank you Mecca), danced, laughed, cried, sang, shared stories about our lives and our dreams for the future.

We called on Goddesses (Yemanya - golden opportunity, Kuan Yin - compassion, Eireen - peace) to inspire us throughout the weekend and felt gratitude beyond words—that our Divine gave us this vision of connection, love, joy, hope and authentic support for women like all of us—and our Sisters around the world.

By the end of our beautiful NWW Founders' retreat, we concluded that New World Women is a movement, a philosophy and a Sisterhood of Seekers and Sages—women who are ready for better—and together we will have everything we need to change the world for good.

Our hearts' desire is to have retreats in the future with each of you there with us. Together, we are unstoppable!

Lastly, women often ask:

“NWW is doing so much already, yet you keep talking about ‘when we launch...’ What does that mean?”


Everything we’ve been doing over the past two years is to design, develop and put in place all the pieces for our easy-to-use NWW software and mobile apps.

We have been inviting and working with top tier women teachers (Luminaries) for our online academy and asking women who believe in the NWW vision (Founding Mothers) to show their support by pre-paying for their subscriptions to fund the first phases of our software and mobile apps.

Many thanks to the 70 women who have already paid to become Founding Mothers. Because they did, we just made our final payment for this phase of our software and mobile app development!

Next, we will pay for development of our NWW Marketplace and Marketplace app (products and services created by women, like an Etsy for women!). Funds from new Founding Mothers will help us fully birth New World Women.

We are nearly halfway to our goal of 200 Founding Mothers! There's still time for you to receive special Founding Mother benefits and be part of this amazing vision.

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