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7 Sacred Gifts of Community

"In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal.

In every heart, there is the power to do it." - Marianne Williamson

Last Saturday, the three of us had the absolute joy of meeting with our New World Women First Founders on Zoom.

First Founders are the women who have said yes to the grand vision we share--a vision for women who are ready for better--better lives, health, treatment of Mother Earth, abundance, connection, relationships and so much more. We know we can do and be better--and know that the time is now.

Our First Founders are the inner circle of our New World Women community and have tremendous say in how NWW emerges going forward. It was thrilling to see the ideas flow from our First Founders into the circle.

We took each idea to heart and are grateful for the input we received. Some of the changes have already been implemented!

In our hour-long meeting we all experienced a deep and shared sense of community, knowing that we are going beyond the words “changing the world” and actually doing something profound to make it happen.

The sacred gifts of community are:

  1. Shared vision

  2. Brilliant collaboration

  3. Deep connection

  4. Respect for the gifts each person brings

  5. Inclusion and honoring of all viewpoints

  6. Knowing we are better together

  7. Fulfillment and manifestation of visions

We wish you loving community experiences and invite you to become part of our New World Women’s inner circle of community. Let’s do this together.

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