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5 Reasons to Follow Your Dream

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

No matter what it is that’s calling you, it’s calling you for a reason. Maybe it’s that move you want to make, the relationship you want to restore, the new friendship you’d like to pursue, the book you’d like to write or the business you’d like to start. These are just a few examples of the beckoning that comes from the center of our hearts to do something differently or to expand into a new way of being.

Why is it important to follow your heart when a calling arises?

1. You deserve to be happy. (All people do).

2. No one will do it like you do.

3. The loving and kind desires of your heart come from the Divine manifesting in the world through you.

4. This is the time in human history when the gifts of the feminine Divine are humanity's salvation.

5. You are creating your legacy to leave the world kinder and more beautiful than before you were born..

Trust your inner voice—the true voice of the Divine in your heart.

Know that you either already have or are able to attract the people and resources you need to create your new life.

Bold, benevolent and invisible forces are waiting to help you—once you decide to set sail in the direction of your heart’s desires. Those desires are there for a reason. Trust and begin today.

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