Past New World Women Events

NWW Third Thursday
November 2021
Featuring Dr. Val Prahl
Astrological Archetypes

NWW Third Thursday
October 2021
Featuring Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Ancient Wisdom Teachings

NWW Third Thursday
September 2021
Featuring Therapeutic Harpist Tami Briggs
"I'll Play For You"

NWW Third Thursday
August 2021
Featuring Marita Rahlenbeck
"The 5 Behaviors You Must Stop Now
to Be the Quintessential Woman You Are"

The replay of this event is no longer available.

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NWW Third Thursday
July 2021
Featuring Points of You Facilitator Winnie Chin
"Giving Is Receiving"

NWW Third Thursday

June 2021

Featuring Dr. Patricia Angulo

"Soul Diving: An Abundance Teaching"

Awakening the Divine Feminine

New World Women was honored and delighted to have presented
this extraordinary virtual event in collaboration with
Ekam Academy in India.

Our heartfelt gratitude to
Sri Preethaji, co-founder of Ekam Academy 
for helping launch New World Women.

Invitation from May 10, 2021 Event

Women of North America, gather all the women you know,

near and far, young and wisened elders for this extraordinary online

women’s event co-created by New World Women and O&O Academy.

More than a teaching or meditation program, this powerful sacred process led by modern philosopher and transformational leader, Sri Preethaji will:

•Make women’s hearts whole and joyful

•Heal women’s relationships

•Fully awaken women’s hearts to the divine feminine within

•Open women to all aspects of WEALTH:

Sri Preethaji is a mother, wife, business woman, world-renowned mystic and luminary and co-founder of O&O Academy in India. O&O Academy is a philosophy and meditation school for human transformation. Sri Preethaji has led millions of people on a profound journey into consciousness, helping them find the healing, joy, relationships and purpose they are seeking.


Sri Preethaji’s TedTalk, How to End Stress, Unhappiness and Anxiety to Live in a Beautiful State has been viewed nearly 3,000,000 times.


Being in Sri Preethaji’s presence, even virtually, impacts the hearts, minds and consciousness of everyone fortunate enough to participate. Experience this profound blessing for your life.

Sri Preethaji is co-author of the national best seller: The Four Sacred Secrets

for Love and Prosperity, a Guide to Living in a Beautiful State.

New World Women WEALTH Ways

Wisdom  ◦  Enjoyment   ◦  Abundance  ◦  Love  ◦  Tranquility  ◦  Health 

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Photos from the Event
Compliments of Winnie Chin

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