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New World Women Academy Subscribers are encouraged to share New World Women Academy with other women. Subscribers will receive referral payments when women subscribe as a result of their referral. 

Subscribers are also encouraged to participate in the Daily Inspiration and Coaching Calendar and to attend NWW Academy offerings (at at discount). Subscribers will receive income sharing points each time they participate. 

Subscribers will be encouraged to do things to nurture themselves and help others and will receive income sharing points for doing so. 

When New World Women fully launches in Spring 2022,

NWW Academy Subscribers will be eligible for quarterly income sharing

and monthly referral payments.


New World Women Daily Inspiration & Coaching Calendar

New World Women Academy Subscribers have access to curated daily inspiration and learning. View the sample calendar below to get an idea of what we will offer starting Spring 2022. Subscribers receive income-sharing reward points for participation.

Throughout the month, a variety of offerings are available to subscribers.

  • articles

  • meditations

  • live group coaching

  • tools, techniques and tips

  • recordings

  • music

  • virtual gatherings

  • videos

There's something new every day of the month. Do as much or as little as you like!
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