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001 I Claim Abundance

001 I Claim Abundance

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Herb Flipbook Cover.png

New World Women Luminaries facilitated a Summer Herb Fire Ceremony, offering 19 sacred herbs to the sun at the NWW Summer Solstice event on June 21st.

Learn how these herbs have been used for healing, nourishment, ritual and symbolism in the Sacred Summer Herb Fire Ceremony flipbook.


Simply click on the cover!  

Because of the heat, the Sacred Summer Herb Fire Ceremony was postponed at the Summer Solstice event to a later date via Zoom.

Watch the replay of the Zoom call above.

Kinstone is a 30-acre haven of peaceful beauty --filled with stone sculptures, natural buildings, restored native prairie, oak savanna and spectacular views over the Mississippi River.

This modern megalithic site with three stone circles, dolmen, labyrinth, thatched cordwood chapel and more is a magical place to behold.

Kinstone was conceived and built by owner, Kristine Beck whose goal is to provide a place for all to connect to the land. 


Guests explored the Way of the Stones, hugged the megaliths, immersed themselves in the art of the natural buildings, walked the labyrinth, left a prayer on the Tree of Intention, re-membered their ancestors at the Dolmen. They engaged all of their senses. Listened to the sounds of life around them. Absorbed the beauty and wonder throughout the place. Felt the breezes and sunshine; touched the water in Basin Rock. Smelled the fresh scent of the prairie and gardens of herbs and flowers. Savored the tranquility of this sacred site. And plan to return to experience the land again!

Kinstone Megalithic Garden is located at 
S3439 Cole Bluff Ln, Fountain City, WI 54629

New World Women co-founder, Shawn Vougeot serenaded us at the Summer Solstice sunrise with a violin solo.

At 11:00 am, Shawn sang The New World song at the Opening Ceremony setting the stage for a lovely day.

Shawn is a professional singer, songwriter, composer and violinist. She is also a videographer, TV producer and cat lover.

shawn singing.PNG

Kinstone owner, Kristine Beck and New World Women co-founder, Dawn Morningstar opened the Summer Solstice program with a warm welcome. 

New World Women Founding Mother and Luminary, Laurie Ellis-Young facilitated a Heart Breath practice to connect each of us with Mother Earth and each other.

Laurie Ellis-Young orange circle.png

Laurie Ellis-Young is a Master Breath Instructor and author of the book Breath Is Life

Laurie and her husband George T. Ellis, PsyD lived in Ukraine for over 4 years and both have been actively involved in peace efforts around the world.


The Summer Herb Fire Ceremony was be led by New World Women Co-Founders, Dawn Morningstar, Shawn Vougeot and Mecca Page. 


New World Women Luminaries participated by offering 19 sacred herbs to the sun. 

Guests received a mini-herb bag containing all 19 dried summer herbs and an herbal tarot. 

NWW CoFounders new.png

Artists Joe Lerro and Wang Ping of the Kinship of Rivers project

(see shared the meanings and stories behind their art installation, “We are one Family,” that is part of the 4Ground: Midwest Land Art Biennial 2022 (link:

Their installation includes thousands of Kinship of Rivers prayer flags made by people from all over the globe and carried by Ping to the great rivers and mountains of the world that will be on display at Kinstone Megalithic Garden for the Summer Solstice event. 

kinship of rivers flags.PNG

A black locust pergola hosted prayer flags made by visitors as well as living vines of nourishing, shade-giving beans.  This structure interacts with plants, prayer flags, people, poetry and art. The prayer flags are messengers of peace from the Yangtze, Ganges, Amazon, Mississippi, Nile, Zambezi and other rivers as well as from Mounts Everest and Kilimanjaro.
This introductory celebration included a water blessing ceremony and drumming and singing by tribal elder, Al "Good heart" Baker.

Labyrinths have been around for more than 4,000 years, providing a means for mindfulness meditation and offering a prayer tool for spiritual practice.

Guests learned about the many gifts of the labyrinth from NWW Luminaries and Founding Mothers, Michele Rae and Nada Hogan. And Kristine Beck provided some background to the making of the labyrinth at Kinstone.


Guests walked the Kinstone Labyrinth on a journey to wholeness.

Michele Rae pink circle.png

Michele Rae is a Professional and Organizational Coach and Founder of

Nada hogan teal circle.png

Nada Hogan, Oriental Medicine Practitioner and Epic Life Coach

Annette Rugolo demonstrated dowsing and explained the fundamentals behind its mystery and magic.


Energy or vibrations that we cannot see or hear, affect us negatively or positively and when we become aware of these vibrations we can start understanding the affects these vibrations have on us and our families.

Annette Rugolo Circle.png

Annette is an author, global teacher, speaker, environmental healer and soul guide.  


Guests shopped for favorite items inside Kinstone's Education Center.

Kinstone Gift Shop offers a wide variety of beautiful note cards made with stunning photos of Kinstone Megalithic Garden in addition to Kinstone T-shirts, Labyrinth Wisdom Cards, Kinstone inspired art and more.

Some New World Women Luminaries had select items for sale in the New World Women hospitality tent.  

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