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Our Gift to You!
The 5 States of Awareness
Featuring New World Women Co-Founder, Dawn Morningstar

In this presentation, you will:

1. Recognize how we may flow from one state of awareness to another.

2. Learn what each state of awareness means.

3. Discover where you are most of the time.

The 5 States of Awareness & New World Women

In 2014, when Dawn Morningstar was hosting monthly dinners for women at the University Club of St. Paul, she had a funny thing happen that inspired her to develop the 5 States of Awareness.

The presentations were very high vibe, focused on feminine Divine principles and teachings--all with the intention of raising awareness and consciousness.

At the conclusion of one of the powerful presentations, two women came up to Dawn and said though they enjoyed the dinner and women's company very much, they had no idea what the presenter was talking about!!!

The 5 States of Awareness help each of us understand where we are at any given moment.


Since 2014 Dawn has taught The 5 States of Awareness to hundreds of women over the past decade.

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