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New World Women Luminaries

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Dawn new circle.png


Dawn Morningstar is New World Women's Spiritual Leader and Learning and Inspiration Curator. She is devoted to setting and maintaining the highest standards for NWW's teachings. Dawn carefully chooses, coaches and supports NWW Luminaries who illuminate the path for NWW Subscribers.  


Denise Hollis is New World Women's Expansion and Inclusion Luminary. She is dedicated to inviting, welcoming and including women of all colors, traditions, customs and abilities to the NWW Sisterhood. Denise embodies inclusion and knows that diversity is vital to building a whole, healthy and representative community.

Meet our growing team of NWW Luminaries

Patricia Angulo circle_edited.png

Patricia Angulo, PhD


President & Founder, EdTrain U

Gabriella yellow circle.png

Gabriela Brunner

Attorney, Life Coach

Founder, The New Firm

Winnie Chin circle_edited.png

Winnie Chin

Founder, Natan Universe

Facilitator, Points of You

Cornelia Elsaesser circle.png

Cornelia Elsaesser

Modern Day Alchemist, Master Healer

Founder, Holistic Gateway

Jill Goux Pink Circle.png

Jill Goux

Transformational and Intuitive Coach

Janalea Hoffman circle.png

Janalea Hoffman

Therapeutic Musician

Founder, Rhythmic Medicine

glenda huston purple circle.png

Glenda Huston

Facilitator, Soul Collage

Soul Mystique

Rev Dr Patricia Keel circle_edited.png

Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel

Master Teacher

Everyday Awakening

Satya Lila circle teal.png

Satya Lila

Sacred Sexuality Teacher

Dawn Marian Circle.png

Dawn Marian

Akashic Records Channel

Master Healer

Founder, The Radiant Heart School

jean nitchals circle.png

Jean Nitchals

Reiki and Crystal Energy Healer

Founder, Niche Solutions

Shannon Circle.png

Shannon Poppie

Transformational Handwriting Coach

Michele Rae circle.png

Michele Rae

Transformational Coach, Spiritual


Founder, The Center Within

Annette Rugolo Circle_edited.png

Annette Rugolo

Environmental Healer

Enlightened Life

amy theisen circle.png

Amy Theisen

Modern Chinese Metaphysics

Infinity Life Design

Tami Briggs circle.png

Tami Briggs

Therapeutic Harpist

Founder, Musical Reflections

Susan Cevette orange circle.png

Susan Cevette

Wealth Advisor

Founder, WatersEdge Wealth Management

Laurie Ellis-Young purple circle.png

Laurie Ellis-Young

Author, Breath Master

Founder, Breathe The Change 


Anna Teal Circle.png

Anna Forliti

Posture Alignment Therapist

Founder, Postural Healing

Pat Grissom Orange Circle.png

Pat Grissom

Author, Artist

Nada hogan teal circle.png

Nada Hogan


Chinese Medicine, Life Coach

Build Your Epic Life

Caroly Hyder circle_edited.png

Carole Hyder

International Feng Shui Expert

Founder, Wind and Water Center

Debra kotz circle.png

Deb Kotz

Life Coach

Re-Create Your Life

Laura Lively

Spiritual Teacher

Deb Mechley circle_edited.png

Debbie Mechley

Master Coach

Founder, Time to Renew Coaching

Healthcare Renew

Monica Pooley circle.png

Monica Pooley

Points of You Country Leader


Dr. Val Prahl circle.png

Dr. Valorie Prahl


Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Healing Synthesis

Marita Rahlenbeck circle_edited.png

Marita Rahlenbeck

Self-Empowerment Coach

Founder, Marita International          Harmonic Wholeness

Maha Swaid Yellow Circle.png

Maha Swaid

Points of You Country Leader


Kelly Wagner pink circle.png

Kelly Wagner

Owner, The Edge Magazine

Third Thursdays Feature NWW Luminaries

November 2022
Featuring Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Nada Hogan
Trade In Your Triggers For Attraction Activators

December 2022
Featuring Author and Poet
Shannon Crossman
Rekindle What's Divine In You

September 2022
Featuring Transformational Handwriting Specialist Shannon Poppie
Handwriting That Heals

October 2022
Featuring Posture Alignment Specialist
Anna Forliti
The Hidden Secret To Really Loving Your Body

June 2022
Transformational Coach & Spiritual Teacher
Michele Rae
Hidden Truths About Your Inner Light:
How to Shine Authentically & Make a Difference

July 2022
Featuring Wealth Advisor
Susan Cevette
Healing Women's Relationship With Money

May 2022
Modern Metaphysics Master
Amy Theisen
Beyond Wifi: Connecting With Your
Guardians of Destiny 

April 2022
Women's Self-Empowerment Master Coach
NWW Co-Founder
Dawn Morningstar
The 5 States of Awareness

March 2022
Music Therapy Pioneer
Janalea Hoffman
How the Sound Environment Impacts Your Well-Being

February 2022
International Feng Shui Expert
Carole Hyder
Taming the Tiger: Understand What the Year of the Tiger Will Bring and How to Best Manage Her Energy

January 2022
Author, Speaker & Facilitator
Debbie Mechley
How to Create a Regret-Free 2022

December 2021
Soul Coach
Annette Rugolo
24 Universal Light Frequencies

You wanna laugh? Check out our entertaining bonus chit chat at the end of the video!

November 2021
Chiropractor & Clinical Nutritionist
Dr. Val Prahl
Astrological Archetypes

October 2021
Master Teacher
Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Ancient Wisdom Teachings

September 2021
Therapeutic Harpist
Tami Briggs
"I'll Play For You"

August 2021
Marita Rahlenbeck
The 5 Behaviors You Must Stop Now
to Be the Quintessential Woman You Are

The replay of this event is no longer available.
To learn more about how you can Nourish Your Way Home, click on the image below.

Nourish your way home.jpg

July 2021
Points of You Facilitator
Winnie Chin
Giving Is Receiving

June 2021

Master Teacher

 Dr. Patricia Angulo

Soul Diving: An Abundance Teaching

New World Women Luminaries


New World Women Luminaries are carefully chosen to provide the highest quality

teachings for expanding consciousness.


NWW Luminaries meet and agree to a 25-Point Criteria of Excellence

and a Promise of Service.


Luminary Criteria and Promise of Service 

New World Women Academy is dedicated to honoring women’s time, attention and needs, ensuring SisStars (New World Women Academy Subscribers) they can trust all New World Women offerings and know they are never wasting their precious time. New World Women’s chosen Luminaries light the path for SisStars who participate in New World Women Academy.

Luminaries (thought leaders, teachers and experts, vetted by New World Women form a purposeful alliance based on respectful agreements) share the very best life-changing teachings and inspiration with a community of women who uplift one another and rise up together. 

The following points create the conditions for excellence and the fulfillment of the
New World Women promise of knowhow and expansion of consciousness for our


New World Women Academy
25-Point Criteria of Excellence

1.  Is female (or identifies as female) of any culture, race, religion, tradition or ability.

2. Embraces the world from a higher consciousness perspective and continues to do her own inner work. She is--or consciously works on--being:

  • loving

  • kindhearted

  • unifying (comes from a “we” consciousness perspective, not a“me”

  • consciousness perspective)

  • connected to her Higher Power (Divine, Universal Intelligence, etc.)

  • respectful to Mother Earth

  • present

  • compassionate

  • calm

  • forgiving

  • non-judgmental

  • anti-racist

  • inclusive

  • honest

  • open-minded

  • thoughtful


3. Speaks kindly and positively about New World Women.

4. Has excellent and clear communication skills.

5. Is a deep and caring listener.

6. Possesses thorough knowledge and passion for her subject matter.

7. Is friendly and approachable.

8. Builds caring relationships with SisStars. 

9. Has a strong work ethic, is prepared, dedicated and committed to New World Women.

10. Behaves in a professional manner, respectful of the role she holds.

11. Builds community.

12. Is an experienced teacher with an established following and/or students.

13. Has services, teachings and/or products that are aligned with New World Women’s  vision in one of the six WEALTH Ways: Wisdom, Enjoyment, Abundance, Love, Tranquility or Health.

14. Has professional branding: business name, tagline, logo and color scheme.

15. Has an excellent, up-to-date website and her own professional presentation materials (documents, video, PowerPoint, etc.).

16. Provides her own marketing materials (professional photo, bio, course description, social media posts, etc.).

17. Is comfortable using Zoom and has attractive background, lighting, etc.

18. Teaches/coaches/writes/contributes pieces for New World Women Magazine aligned with the six New World Women WEALTH Ways.

19. Does not embrace or promote any extremist conspiracy theories that divide. NWW focuses on unity and oneness.

20. Does not promote political commentary or religious dogma in a NWW course, workshop class, written article, podcast, video, etc.

21. Promises to promote New World Women Academy to help women increase their consciousness and prosperity.

22. Agrees to terms and receives the benefits of her New World Women Luminary Founder Subscription.

23. Is approved by New World Women Leadership.

24. Agrees to bring any concerns or issues directly to New World Women leadership for understanding and resolution. 

25. Understands and agrees that being a Luminary is a one-year commitment that will be collaboratively assessed between the Luminary and New World Women leadership nearing the end of her year-long commitment.

New World Women Academy
Promise of Service

Promise #1
I promise to continue to nurture myself and expand my consciousness.

Promise #2
I promise to use my gifts, talents and passion to uplift all SisStars in the New World Women community with whom I interact.

Promise #3
I promise to expand the community of New World Women by sharing it with women who could benefit.

Promise #4
I promise to uphold the vision of New World Women in all of my actions related to my role as a New World Women Luminary.

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