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Annette Rugolo

Enlightened Environments: Healing Home, Office and Mother Earth

Presented by Master Diamond Dowser, Inner Diamond Meditation Teacher and Soul Coach, Annette Rugolo

This is for you if you:

1. want to become more aware of the energy of your home.

2. are ready to hear what your space is trying to tell you.

3. want to become aware of spirits in your space and have a desire to help them (and yourself) move beyond fear.

4. want to create a high-vibe home or office.

5. want to gain an understanding of earth energies (vortexes) and how they affect you.

6. want to learn what your children and pets are telling you about your environment.

7. are ready to transform the energy of your home to change your law of attraction.


We are living in an amazing time and I believe each of us have chosen to be here at this particular time for a reason. We have access to information and tools like never before in recent history and it is both our opportunity and responsibility to claim what is available to us so that we can transform ourselves and the world around us.

Learning how your environment is affecting you positively or negatively will help you understand why some places in your home feel great while some rooms are avoided. The teaching I will be providing throughout the year will also help you become aware of how your environment is affecting your brainwaves, your vibration and your Law of Attraction.

Many are becoming aware of the energy of the earth, their homes and the land beneath them. Throughout the year, you will be provided with rich information that has been held by individuals and groups for thousands of years and is now available to everyone who would like to learn more about their environment and the impact it
has on them.

Annette Rugolo

Number of Sessions: 12 (one per month)

Recorded live on Zoom

Replays available

Wisdom, Love, Tranquility

Session Titles & Descriptions

Session 1
The 3 Levels of the Law of Attraction
You may have already heard or have been working with the Law of Attraction. This class will discuss the 3 Levels of the Law of Attraction.

Session 2
Geopathic Stress and You
Geopathic stress is created by underground water, fault lines and more. Learn about geopathic stress and how these stress lines may be impacting your sleep and your health.

Session 3
Your Home is Talking to You, Are You Listening?
Everything is energy, including your home. When you begin to pay attention and become aware of the energy of your home, your home can begin to understand how the energy of your home is affecting you and your family … both in positively and negatively.

Session 4
Wandering Spirits: Who Are They and Why Are They Here?
Many people have had experiences or are becoming aware of spirits. This class will cover where these spirits come from, why they are still here and the importance of releasing them.

Session 5
Creating a High Vibe Home
Throughout history, people have been drawn to high vibrational places such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Manchu Picchu and Sedona. Why are these places important and why is it important to create this kind of high vibration in our own home.

Session 6
Vortexes and the Earth’s Etheric Field
Many people have either a positive or negative vortex in their home and they effect where people in love to hang out in your home and places they avoid. In this class, you will learn more about vortexes, what creates them and how they impact the people in your home.

Session 7
Dowsing: It’s History and Uses Throughout the Ages
The technique of dowsing is an ancient tool used by many civilizations to detect the earth’s vibrations. Learn about the technique of dowsing and the many ways it has been used over the centuries.

Session 8
Children and the Environment
Many children are aware and sensitive to the energy around them. When we understand this and pay attention to their cues, they will guide us into understanding more about our environments and the energy around us.

Session 9
Pets and the Environment
Our pets are here to be in service to us and to humanity. In this class, I will be sharing how our dogs and cats are here to help us. They also give us clues to both the positive and negative energy in our homes.

Session 10
Transforming Energy from Past Events
Every emotion and thought we have, creates either uplifting, positive vibrations or depleting, negative vibrations. Emotions of anger, grief, fear, etc. created over long periods of time create clouds of energy that linger on long after they are created. In this class, you will learn about these energies and will receive a guided meditation to help you clear them from your home.

Session 11
Healing Our Land
The trauma created by past events on this planet continues to live on. To raise the vibration of humanity and to help heal our planet, it is important to transform the energy created by these past events. We are not doing this work alone and help is available to us when we connect with the fairies, elves, gnomes and others around us.

Session 12
Connecting with Mother Earth
Over thousands of years, we have lost our connection to Mother Earth. More and more people, however, are starting to open up to the messages sent to us by Gaia and the light beings connected with her. As we listen to these messages, they are helping us heal our connection with her and bring both our own bodies and our connection with Mother Earth back into balance.

About Your NWW Luminary Teacher

Annette Rugolo is an Author, Teacher and Speaker, Master Diamond Dowser, Inner Diamond Meditation Teacher and Soul Coach.

Annette started teaching transformational seminars in 1999 and began her teaching career in 2002 with Marie Diamond Global. She became the first certified Master Instructor for the Inner Diamond Meditation and Diamond Dowsing methods, teaching more than 2,000 students worldwide and mentoring people in more than 20 countries.

Annette’s passion is to help people navigate this new world and to help them align with their soul purpose.  She helps raise the vibration of personal energy fields and the energy of homes, helping others to access higher vibrational fields within themselves and the Universe. 

Her first book, Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Souls, was published in 2019 and was written with the intention of helping others move beyond fear of wandering spirits in order to assist them in their transition.

Annette currently resides in the Minneapolis, Minnesota metro area with her husband, Tony. Together they have 6 children and 10 grandchildren.

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