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In Collaboration with Minnesota Women's Press

Thank you for your interest in New World Women and our collaboration with Minnesota Women's Press.  

See these upcoming events for women only.

Join us for the next NWW Birds of a Feather Together Call
May 18, 2023

5:30 pm Pacific | 6:30 pm Mountain
7:30 pm Central | 8:30 pm Eastern

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Do you crave a more profound feeling of balance and purpose in your job/career or life’s work? Do you often wonder why you feel depleted or run down at the end of the day? Would you like to learn how to change this?


Join us for an informational and experiential session to dive deeper into these issues by learning about your three minds (yes, you have three!). The changes you may be craving are closer than you think!


By applying ancient yogic wisdom and powerful meditative practices, you will bring a newfound energy and vitality to your work!

​In this Zoom call, you will:

1.  Discover you have three minds.

2. Learn the power of ancient yogic wisdom.

3. Experience the effect of meditation.

Every woman on the call, will be entered into two drawings! One lucky woman will win a copy of Gabriela's book, "Mama Where is the Truth?" and another luck woman will win "The Conscious Connection," an Oracle Deck created by Gabriela.

Gabriela Brunner
Attorney turned Possibility Advocate, Author, Yoga Teacher

Gabriela Brunner is a retired immigration attorney who turned her passion for helping women realize their purpose and (re)define success into a thriving coaching practice. Her heart-led mission empowers those who take action to believe in the magic of possibility and create the life of their dreams. 


She is the creator and host of Dreamer to Creator - The Podcast (available on iTunes), author of “Mama, Where is the Truth?” and “The Evidence of Magic” and the founder of The New Firm. Gabriela is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master and Teacher, and Akashic Records Practitioner and Teacher. Gabriela lives in Illinois with her husband and their two children.

Join us for June's Birds of a Feather Together Call
June 15, 2023

5:30 pm Pacific | 6:30 pm Mountain
7:30 pm Central | 8:30 pm Eastern

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Experience a unique approach to manifestation! Tami Briggs, therapeutic harpist, will facilitate a gentle, but powerful guided meditation using heart-focused breathing, conscious writing (intentions) and the harp’s vibrations to elevate and expand your possibilities of manifestation.


As we explore a research-based vibrational continuum, you will learn how to monitor your own vibration and how it relates to what you manifest.

​In this Zoom call, you will:

1. Discuss a vibrational continuum that you can apply in your everyday life.


2. Learn a simple technique to test your personal vibration.


3. Experience in community how to create your heart’s desires using a unique manifestation approach.

Every woman on the call will be entered into a drawing and one lucky woman will win a "Healing Journey" CD or download composed by Tami.

Tami Briggs
Therapeutic Harpist and Peace Activist

Tami Briggs is a therapeutic harpist and peace activist. After receiving her International Harp Therapy Program certification, Tami Briggs founded Musical Reflections located in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1999. She has produced 15 CDs for relaxation and written two books.


Her newest project is fulfilling her dream of using her harp for world peace by founding Healing Harps for Global Peace and Unity (harpists around the world who play with love for unity, peace and planetary healing). Through the vibrations of the harp, the musical intention is to help you connect with your own inner peace so that you can radiate it out bringing peace and calm to the world.


Prior to Musical Reflections, she co-founded a cross-cultural training company. Tami developed training materials for 35 countries and helped business people on five continents increase their international business success by developing cross-cultural skills.


She has lived and worked in Switzerland, and taught American culture in Kyoto, Japan. Tami has an MBA from the University of Missouri-Columbia and she currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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