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Birds of a Feather Together Call

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A live, 60-minute, free Zoom
call on the third Thursday of each month.

Join NWW Co-Founders, Dawn Morningstar, Shawn Vougeot
and Mecca Page for inspiration/meditation, connection
and an interview with a guest speaker,
usually a NWW Luminary or First Founder.

February 16, 2023

5:30 pm Pacific | 6:30 pm Mountain
7:30 pm Central | 8:30 pm Eastern

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What if you could transform your life simply by adding more laughter every day?

Join us for an interactive experience to uplift your spirit and set you on a path towards overall health and success in the new year!

Come prepared to shed your inhibitions and fully engage with your inner child. Let’s unleash joy and fun—birds of a feather laugh together!

Oh, and be sure to have some chocolate available during the call!

​In this Zoom call, you will:
1. Experience the power laughter has to uplift and transform you—no matter what’s going on.
2. Destress as you learn laughter’s benefits that deepen the connection to yourself and the people you encounter.
3. Walk away with healthy tips and tools you can use the rest of your life.

Every woman on the call will be entered into a drawing and one lucky woman will win one of Sarah's  “Make Every Day Ridiculously Amazing” Laughter Planners

Sarah Routman
Global Laughter Ambassador & Laughter Yoga Instructor 
Founder of Laugh Healthy

Sarah Routman is a certified Laughter Yoga coach and instructor as well as a globally recognized Laughter Ambassador. She has discovered the magic of pairing laughter and chocolate for better health.

Sarah unravels the mysteries of life by writing, doodling, peering through a camera lens, splattering color on canvas, or reimagining found objects for creative expression with a touch of Japanese Kintsugi for healing.


A published poet, photographer, author, and coloring book artist Sarah is never at a loss for something creative to do!

To learn more about Sarah, her Laughter Coaching and her artwork, visit:

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