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Change your life and the lives of those you love.
It's as easy as 1-2-3!

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New World Women Subscribers will receive:

  • Daily Inspiration

  • Live Group Teachings in the Six WEALTH Ways

  • Access to select offerings and products

  • Quarterly abundance sharing

  • Monthly referral payments and commissions

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When New World Women fully launches,

women will be able to subscribe for only $35/month

Place your name on our waitlist to be the first to subscribe when we launch!

Thanks for your interest!

Want to earn more rewards points, bonuses and benefits?


Subscribe now as a Founding Mother today

and join the NWW Inner Circle!

You will simply be pre-paying for your subscription.

Founding Mothers receive extra benefits for helping bring this vision into reality!

Join our Inner Circle 

Founding Mothers are the first 200 women who share the vision of New World Women and make it possible to launch!

Founding Mothers Receive:

  • Special Bonus Points 

  • Special recognition, offerings and events

  • Entry into the New World Women Inner Circle

  • Luxury Hotel/Resort Stay (Gold, Platinum, Palladium Levels)

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New World Women Subscribers are rewarded for sharing New World Women with other women. Subscribers will receive monthly referral payments when women subscribe as a result of their referral. 

Subscribers are rewarded for participating in Daily Inspiration, NWW LIVE events and premium offerings. 

Subscribers are also rewarded for doing things to nurture themselves and help others!

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New World Women Daily Inspiration & Coaching Calendar

New World Women Subscribers have access to curated daily inspiration and learning. View the sample calendar below to get an idea of what we will offer. Subscribers receive abundance-sharing reward points for participation.

Throughout the month, a variety of offerings are available to subscribers.

  • articles

  • meditations

  • live group coaching

  • tools, techniques and tips

  • recordings

  • music

  • virtual gatherings

  • videos

There's something new every day of the month. Do as much or as little as you like!
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New World Women Subscribers are rewarded by receiving quarterly abundance-sharing payments, monthly referral payments and commissions.

Nowhere else can women enjoy a like-hearted sisterhood, learn new ways of being, nurture themselves and others and get paid for doing so! 

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