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New World Women's
Daily Inspiration and Teaching 

There's something new every day of the month.
Do as much or as little as you like!

New World Women Subscribers will have access to curated daily inspiration and learning.

These will be delivered by email or using the NWW app.

​Daily inspirations may include:

  • articles

  • meditations

  • tools, techniques and tips

  • recordings

  • music

  • videos

In addition, there will be six Live Group Teaching (LGT) events each month.

LGT events will be held on Zoom and facilitated by a NWW Luminary.

Each LGT event will focus on one of the Six WEALTH Ways and the Daily Inspiration

will complement the LGT event teaching.

The sample calendar below to gives an idea of what will be offered in Spring 2022.

(These are sample titles only).

LGT event teachings are indicated with a star.

Subscribers receive abundance-sharing rewards for participation.

Daily Calendar Example.png
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