Wealth without consciousness does not work

and consciousness without wealth does not work.

You've probably heard stories of people winning the lottery or inheriting a lot of money only to be penniless or homeless a few years later.


If you've wondered how that could possibly happen, the answer lies in your consciousness.  

  1. Expanding your consciousness is one of the first steps towards self-empowerment.

  2. When you are self-empowered, you prosper and enjoy an abundance of wealth in many ways.

  3. When you have expanded consciousness and wealth, you have freedom.

Like the two wings of a bird, consciousness and wealth make it possible for you to take flight.


The art of living with consciousness provides awareness, presence
and creativity. Higher consciousness and awareness create
the conditions for living in a beautiful state -
peaceful, connected, abundant and joyful.

New World Women Academy teaches that consciousness is awakened
by learning new ways to see and be in the world.

Wealth is about more than money,
yet money is the currency currently used to live and to thrive.

Wealth means abundance, comes in many forms
and may look different to each person.

New World Women Academy teaches women how to expand their
consciousness and embrace their version of wealth. 
Using the acronym WEALTH, New World Women Luminaries
(teachers and experts) teach and inspire women
in six key areas of life:

six wealth ways words.png

Consciousness + Wealth = Freedom