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Birds of a Feather Together Call

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A live, 60-minute, free Zoom
call on the third Thursday of each month.

Join NWW Co-Founders, Dawn Morningstar, Shawn Vougeot
and Mecca Page for inspiration/meditation, connection
and an interview with a guest speaker,
usually a NWW Luminary or First Founder.

March 16, 2023

5:30 pm Pacific | 6:30 pm Mountain
7:30 pm Central | 8:30 pm Eastern

What if you could transform your life simply by increasing your vibrational frequency using different colors each day?


Join us for an interactive experience to uplift your vibrational frequency for greater overall wellbeing and success.


Unleash your curiosity and authenticity while fully engaging with your body and soul. We Birds of a Feather heal together!

​In this Zoom call, you will:

1.   Experience the power different color frequencies have to uplift and transform you—no matter what’s going on.

2.   De-stress as you learn the healing benefits different-colored lights provide for deepening the connection to yourself in a most authentic way.

3.   Take away healthy tips and tools you can use the rest of your life.

Every woman on the call will be entered into a drawing and one lucky woman will win one a pair of Rose Colored Therapy Glasses to feel the power of unconditional love every day.

Cornelia Elsaesser
Modern Day Alchemist and Master Healer

Cornelia Elsaesser is a multi-disciplinary Master Healer who uses a wide variety of healing techniques to help those suffering depression, pain, anxiety, insomnia and other forms of disease expression.

As a holistic therapist, Cornelia combines ancient Chinese and Egyptian knowledge of esoteric medicine with the newest scientific insights and technologies. 


Using Kirlian Photography (energy emission analysis), Cornelia captures energy readings of her clients and gives insightful information into which level the client's trauma, pain or disease is blocked. The blockage can be body/matter, emotion/energy, spiritual or a combination of these. With this information, Cornelia is able to create an effective individualized approach to facilitate healing. 

In addition to Kirlian Photography, Cornelia uses Esogetic Colorpuncture, Holographic Crystal Therapy, Induction Therapy and intuitive wisdom counseling. She is a Life Coach
and Astrologer including Relationships Astrology.


Cornelia began her healing career as a Pediatric nurse in Germany and received her degree as a Heilpraktiker in 1996. Cornelia's oldest son suffered from a variety of health issues in his early years which led her to become a Colorpuncture practitioner in 1999. 

Using naturopathic methods and Esogetic Colorpuncture, Cornelia was able to raise her two younger sons without ever using antibiotics.


Cornelia holds a Diploma in Esogetic Medicine and is certified to train a variety of healing methods. In 2002 she opened her first practice in Minneapolis. Cornelia recently moved to Vermont and has opened a practice there. She returns to Minneapolis regularly to care for her clients and offers remote sessions as well.

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